Why Property Managers Should Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

Managing a rental property turns you into a jack-of-all-trades overnight. You are responsible for coordinating repairs, marketing vacant rentals, screening tenants, showing properties to potential tenants, managing taxes and rent collection, following local real estate market trends, and much more. We are going to focus on one responsibility – cleaning.

The level of cleanliness in your property begins to show from the moment someone enters the gate. Visitors and tenants expect a clean and healthy environment. Potential tenants expect a spotlessly clean vacant unit, which demands thorough attention to every surface (think about vacuuming, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, cleaning grout, sanitizing surfaces, window cleaning, etc.).

That brings us to a common question, “Should a property manager hire commercial cleaning services?”

Let’s face it. Hiring someone to clean a rental building is not always the first option for most property managers. Instead, most perform the task themselves. But this approach could mean more harm than good to the property’s condition and the quality of tenants it attracts.

Why Property Managers Should Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

Keeping a rental property in pristine condition requires time and expertise, which property managers often lack. That’s why you, as a property manager focused on tenant satisfaction and retention, should hire professionals for property management cleaning. They not only keep your rentals in top shape, but they also give you a chance to better your practice – property management.

With that in mind, join us, the Kohl Building Maintenance team, as we discuss the benefits professional commercial cleaning services bring to your business. Let us dive in!

Professionals Maintain Higher Standards of Cleanliness

Each of us (including you) has different cleanliness standards, defined by personal preferences, expectations, and experiences. That’s why you see disputes often arising when property managers hire amateur cleaners. An inexperienced cleaner will probably miss some spots and even take longer to complete the job.

You can avoid such frustrations by working with a professional commercial cleaning service. Such contractors subscribe to higher quality standards which will often exceed your and your tenants’ expectations.

Commercial Cleaning Services Save Time and Money

Your hats as a property manager are almost countless and may take a generous portion of your time. But when you leave property cleaning to professionals, you get the time and peace of mind to focus on other management tasks that are more likely to take the business to the next level.

Like ourselves, a competent commercial cleaning company, like ourselves, KohlBM, has the experience, equipment, and staff to clean your rentals thoroughly in the shortest time possible. What’s more, you don’t have to invest in costly cleaning solutions and advanced equipment like vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, etc.

Commercial Cleaning Services Save Time and Money

Having a professional commercial cleaning service take care of your property means fewer repairs. The professionals are proficient in removing corrosive substances, dirt, and bacteria from surfaces. They also customize their cleaning products and techniques to the surfaces they are cleaning, thus preserving the quality of the surfaces. This way, they help reduce wear and tear on your property, incredibly lowering the maintenance costs.

Maintains a Healthier Environment

Along with maintaining higher cleaning standards in your rental property, hiring cleaning services for commercial real estate also provides a positive environment for your tenants and visitors.

We agree that you expect your tenants to keep their units clean. But it is essential to reciprocate this expectation with a professional clean in the building. Property management cleaning services become helpful here.

Professional cleaners are aware of the crevices and corners where dirt tends to lurk and can use more efficient methods to achieve the best results. What’s more, they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that keep tenants and pets safe from chemical exposure and resultant problems (think respiratory issues and skin allergies). The outcome is happier tenants and visitors.

Commercial Cleaning Maintains a Healthier Environment

Convenience and Consistency

You are probably frustrated with having to find and hire a new cleaning company each time your rental property requires cleaning. The inconveniences grow further when you have specific cleaning needs. You can stay ahead of these frustrations by hiring a reliable commercial cleaning company.

Still, there are several benefits to building a relationship with an experienced cleaning company. First, you are more likely to receive discounted services from a company you hire often.

Working with one company, you also receive consistent quality of cleaning. When you hire different companies to handle different building sections, you no doubt expect them to use different cleaning techniques. As expected, you see a variation in the standards of cleaning offered. But hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service guarantees that your building will be consistently cleaned to your standards.

Helps Sharpen Your Business’ Image

Image is critical to the success of a property management business.

Having your rental units cleaned by professionals gives existing and incoming tenants a sense of confidence, which means fewer complaints and better customer service. That is a simple way of building strong property manager-tenant relationships and encouraging tenants to remain in the property.

Another important aspect of your business’s image is your online reputation.

Most tenants head to review websites like Yelp to see what previous customers say about a particular service provider. You certainly do not want unsanitary conditions to be the reason for a negative review in your online profile. So, it is in your best interest to hire a commercial cleaning company to keep your property in top shape. You give tenants something positive to talk about on review websites. And with glowing online reviews, you build a stellar reputation that attracts more property owners and tenants to your business.

Commercial Cleaning Helps Sharpen Your Business' Image

Property Management Cleaning Shortens Vacancy Periods

Landlords make money when their properties are occupied. But the moment a tenant moves out, a countdown begins. And the longer the units remain open, the more money landlords lose. Consider also that the property owners will still need to cater to the bills and costs associated with the vacant units. A quick turnover is necessary to prevent such financial frustrations.

Hiring a professional property management cleaning service guarantees high quality of cleanliness in the shortest time possible. You get the chance to start marketing the rentals immediately. And as a result, you get quicker turnarounds for more tenants and gain a reputation for reliable property management.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning services for commercial real estate are among the most important allies you need to grow your property management business. They ensure your rental properties are always in good shape and help keep your tenants and clients happy. What’s more, they help you grow your reputation as a reliable and trusted property manager.

If you need a trusted commercial cleaning service in Southern California, Kohl Building Maintenance is here to help. We are a licensed and bonded janitorial maintenance company whose cleaning professionals are thoroughly screened and trained for proficiency and reliability. We remain firmly committed to thoroughness, consistency, and integrity for maximum customer satisfaction. Additionally, we use non-toxic cleaning products to keep your tenants and visitors safe.

Do you want to know how our commercial cleaning services can help you grow into a more productive property manager? If so, call us today at 818-882-2600, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have for us.