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Are you a business owner or property manager based in Los Angeles County searching for exceptional yet affordable commercial cleaning services to maintain your office building? If so, we’re here to help! At Kohl Building Maintenance, we provide commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services and solutions for corporate offices of any scope–including janitorial services, window cleaning, green cleaning and supplies, complete floor care, construction clean-up, carpet cleaning, power washing, and building maintenance.

At KBM, we’re equipped with the best cleaning tools and equipment–not to mention a team comprised of certified and trained professionals to handle a wide variety of commercial cleaning services appropriately.

Opt For Premium Janitorial Services for Corporate Offices

Our team of cleaners is always prepared and readily available to offer customized cleaning services that fit your facility’s unique requirements and budget. As a property manager or business owner, choosing KBM for your commercial cleaning solutions means you’ll be partnering up with a firm that has the training and technology required to deliver high-quality cleaning services that keep your corporate office looking professional and pristine.

With our janitorial services, you can rest assured knowing that your commercial office will receive regular maintenance and proper cleaning. We offer full-service facility maintenance that targets the following areas of your building:

Common Areas + Lobbies

In your office building, the lobby serves a first impression to guests and clients. As a business owner, your lobby can also function as a common area whereby your workers socialize. As such, your corporate office lobby and other common areas should remain clean and inviting to staff and visitors.

Did you know that common areas in most office buildings normally attract a higher amount of germs as well as clutter? Our cleaning professionals will ensure they thoroughly take care of lobbies and common spaces by disinfecting all surfaces.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are often intended for high-priority tasks and meetings, and therefore are essential to any productive corporate office. Our team will ensure that your conference rooms are left super clean for a work environment free of distractions.

Break Rooms

The break room is considered a critical location in any business building and thus requires the most attention and maintenance. The break room is where personnel gather to rest, cook, and eat, so this area incurs the most traffic and mess.

When performing routine cleaning in your corporate office, our cleaning staff will ensure that all areas of your break rooms including the floor, tables, and chairs are thoroughly cleaned and receive special attention.


As you know restrooms need to be cleaned and serviced frequently in order for these spaces to remain hygienic. Our team guarantees professional cleaning services that leave your office’s bathrooms sanitary and smelling fresh.

Why You Should Hire Professional Corporate Office Cleaning Services

1. The Right Cleaning Equipment Will Be Used By Expert Cleaners

Reputable firms providing professional office cleaning services have the best modern cleaning tools that can handle a range of different tasks accordingly. Read More

Such companies are also equipped with professional cleaners who are well-trained and experienced to offer comprehensive cleaning solutions. Once you entrust a professional office cleaning service provider with your office building maintenance needs, the professionals will utilize their efficiency and top-notch tools to ensure your space is left sparkling clean.

2. Professional Corporate Office Cleaning Services Are Bonded

If you choose to handle the maintenance and upkeep of your corporate office or building on your own, you will then be accountable for damages or injuries that may occur onsite. However, since legitimate cleaning professionals are bonded, this means you will be compensated in the event of injuries or damages to you property when tackling cleaning projects.

2. Professional Advice

In addition to making sure they deliver excellent cleaning services, our facility maintenance professionals will also inform you on what steps to take in order to maintain the overall value and structural integrity of your office building.

Advantages Of Hiring Kohl Building Maintenance For Your Corporate Office Cleaning Needs

Experienced + Reputable

An experienced and reputable company providing commercial office cleaning services will consistently deliver thorough office building maintenance solutions as opposed to newbie firms in this niche. Read More

Kohl Building Maintenance is well-established and has been helping businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding areas by handling full-service cleaning solutions for commercial buildings, corporate offices, and more.By entrusting us with your corporate office cleaning services, you’ll be collaborating with a firm that’s not only competent and qualified, but also reliable and experienced.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Kohl Building Maintenance, we focus on providing nothing but the best for each and every one of our clients. On all cleaning projects and maintenance jobs, our professionals utilize their experience and specialized cleaning equipment to ensure thorough completion. However, should you encounter any issues with the results, please kindly inform our management. We will only accept full payment for cleaning projects are clients are 100% satisfied with.

High-Quality Yet Affordable Commercial Office Cleaning Services

At KBM, in addition to delivering high-quality cleaning outcomes that are extremely reliable, we also offer economical rates and free quotes for our services.

Do you have any additional questions regarding our cleaning services for your commercial or office building. Contact our team of professionals today by calling (818) 882-2600!