School Cleaning Services


Quality learning starts in a clean environment. School cleaning services are the foundation of any educational building. These services often go unnoticed unless they get neglected, but they are still essential for students and educators. A clean school or university is only achieved through high-quality janitorial services from an organization that understands the unique cleaning needs of schools.

School and University Cleaning Services That Cannot Be Overlooked

Kohl Building Maintenance has been proud to serve Chatsworth and other surrounding Southern California schools and universities within the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1974. If your institute requires premium cleaning services or regular maintenance, trust our full-service cleaning solution. Schools are essential societal institutions; places where the youth are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the work world and contribute to the community. The vast majority of children and teenagers attend school on an almost daily basis, which means that these institutions become a second home of sorts for them over the course of their adolescence. Because of the significant chunk of time that students spend at school, it is imperative that the buildings are well-maintained, clean, and that all facilities are functional, so as to preserve an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

Schools require daily cleaning services

In most cases, students attend school each day of the week. Events and activities are often held in the evenings or on the weekends, making school buildings and universities high-traffic areas. All of this foot traffic makes it necessary for schools to clean schools and universities daily. Well-maintained facilities make it easier for children to learn and educators to teach. They do not have to worry about messes or safety hazards while they are learning Read More

From the classroom and hallways to the cafeteria and gymnasium, schools see a lot of dirt and messes. Children and teachers come in and out of the buildings every day, bringing the outside world with them. It is also vital to regularly disinfect schools and universities. With so many people spending long periods inside their walls, these buildings can become hotspots for germs and illnesses to spread. Proper cleaning services will protect the health of students and teachers and make schools a great place to learn.

Our full janitorial services for schools will include the following services.
  • Washing of floors
  • Disinfecting bathrooms and maintaining paper product supplies
  • Sanitizing showers and faucets
  • Cleaning water fountains
  • Disposing of trash
  • Removing mold or mildew
  • Using safe chemicals to remove odors
  • Regularly cleaning equipment, including dusting and disinfecting
  • Cleaning windows as needed
  • Washing entrance mats or cleaning carpeted areas

» School cleaning services depend on size

Small towns often have smaller schools, while big cities have schools with larger populations. Each school has unique cleaning needs based on its size. Public institutions may feature larger class sizes, while private schools hold smaller numbers of students each day. When it comes to universities, sizes can range from small, liberal arts colleges to large, state universities.

No two schools are alike, and janitorial services should be tailored to fit the needs of the school instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. Despite the differences across educational facilities, some things remain constant. There are certain areas that require more attention than others to prevent the spread of bacteria, and there are places in the school that should be cleaned regularly.

When it comes to size, schools stretch across a wide spectrum that is partially influenced by the size of the community, the funding the school receives, and the philosophy of the institution. Well-populated communities tend to have larger schools, or at least a wider variety of schools to choose from. Well-funded schools tend to have more classrooms, more staff, and more resources available for students, which equates to more students enrolled and larger facilities. Finally, some schools, generally private institutions, and liberal arts schools, believe that smaller class sizes create better learning environments for their students, so these campuses are often fairly small when compared to their public counterparts.

Some schools can house several thousand students, while others can only hold a few hundred if that. There are school buildings so expansive that they could be mistaken for hospitals, and there are others that are so small they could be mistaken for residences. But regardless of the size, it’s important that all of these buildings are serviced regularly so that the premises are kept clean and safe for the youth that occupies their halls. That’s where Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. comes in.

» Cafeteria and Kitchen cleaning are significant tasks

It is essential to not overlook two of the most critical parts of any school or university. The kitchens and cafeterias provide a valuable resource to students and help them stay full throughout the day. However, if bacteria or germs are allowed to spread in these areas, it can be detrimental to student health.

Lunch tables should be thoroughly cleaned every day as well as break rooms or lounge areas for teachers. The floors should be mopped and scrubbed, and all surfaces and counters should be disinfected. It is crucial to properly clean appliances to keep them in good working order and promote excellent hygiene. Neglecting these areas can have serious consequences, so it is better to invest in high-quality janitorial services.

» Safety standards must be met

Kids and teachers can have specific allergies or experience adverse reactions to unsafe chemicals and cleaning products. Cleaning services should utilize products that are safe for the skin and will not cause harm if they are in the air. It is also important to employ green cleaning practices when possible, to reduce the environmental impact cleaning products can have when misused.

Cleaning services for schools should meet all OSHA guidelines. It is necessary for schools and universities to remain compliant with local and federal laws regarding safety and sanitization. Failure to do so can result in temporary closures while the issue is resolved. A quality janitorial staff will ensure all guidelines are met and that a school remains compliant with all laws and standards for cleanliness.

Because the janitorial staff will be onsite, they must be easily identifiable. This practice can help improve safety standards at a school and keep both children and teachers safe throughout the learning day. School cleaning staff members should pass all necessary background checks to work on campus and follow all guidelines set by the school district or board. They should also take proper precautions when cleaning to avoid slips and falls that could cause serious injury.

» Cleaning services shouldn’t let anything slip through the cracks.

A subpar cleaner will overlook key areas and neglect to sanitize a school or university thoroughly. Items like chalkboards and whiteboards should receive regular cleaning, floors need buffing, hardwood should be maintained, and parking lots require sweeping. These items may seem like afterthoughts, but they are actually significant. They are cleaning practices that only go unnoticed until they are neglected. Over time, dirt and bacteria can build up. A quality janitorial services company will not let any areas or items slip through the cracks. They will maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitization.

Are you looking for school cleaning services in the Los Angeles area?

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are home to countless schools and education facilities that require unique cleaning services. KBM understands the importance of maintaining a clean learning environment and provides high-quality cleaning services to keep schools and universities in the best condition. As a trusted janitorial services provider for many years, you can trust KBM to perform at the highest level and make schools a clean and enjoyable place to learn.