Healthcare Facilities

Hospital & Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services

Medical and healthcare facilities demand the highest level of cleanliness and sanitization to the health and well-being of patients, visitors, and staff. With an aim of providing professional building maintenance and cleaning services, Kohl Building Maintenance Company is offering its cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential buildings for more than 30 years. Similarly, we provide window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, power washing, green cleaning, and other janitorial services, including, hospital cleaning service, medical cleaning, healthcare cleaning etc.

We have highly trained and experienced commercial cleaning staff of workers who understand that hospital and medical facilities project the image of premium cleanliness and good health. Poor sanitary conditions in hospitals impact directly on the health of patients and can cause preventable infections in patients. We ensure proper disinfection and best practices that meet healthcare cleaning standards and regulations.

We specialize in cleaning almost all medical and Healthcare facilities including:

  • Private hospitals and clinics, the specialists’ offices, clinics of the physiotherapists, dentists, osteopaths, and podiatrists etc.
  • Our medical cleaning and Healthcare cleaning services also include examination rooms, operation theatre, labs, toilets and bathrooms and Rehabilitation areas etc.

KohlBM’s Janitorial Facilities for Healthcare Facilities

What industry can be more deserving of cleaning and maintenance services than healthcare or medical field? We at KohlBM, completely understand the importance of cleanliness in hospitals and that is why provide our highly esteemed janitorial services in almost all Healthcare departments, including nursing homes, drug stores, and medical laboratories etc.

We know how much it is important for the patients to have a clean environment. That is why we offer a wide range of janitorial services. However, some of them are as follows Read More

  • General cleaning – We have a team of highly professional individuals who provide cleaning services in the most highlighted areas e.g. restroom and clinics, exam rooms, labs, offices, etc.
  • Deep cleaning – Our expert cleaners inspect each and every corner of the areas like cafeterias, restrooms, lobbies, walkways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. These are the parts where deep cleaning is crucial.
  • Window Cleaning – We provide professional window cleaners for residential and commercial buildings, windowsills, Interior and exterior window cleaning services to medical facilities.
  • Curtain Services – It’s important to have a clean appearance at first sight. So that’s why we offer curtain hang and refresh services. We can schedule highly professional support for you.
  • Wiping high touch surfaces – In healthcare facilities, there is a need to clean all high touch areas where germs chances are also high, we deep sanitize all most touch points like, door handles, light switches, telephones, cabinets, countertops, and appliances.
  • Floor Care & Carpet cleaning – We offer detailed floor and Carpet cleaning services at hospitals and at Healthcare centers, according to the demands of the customers like, carpets shampooing using various techniques
  • Pressure Washing – Our professional staff clean dirt, mold from the concrete surfaces and give them a highly new look to save your money in repair and maintaining services. We are experts in power washing services.
  • In-house facility support – Our staff is trained enough to provide your assistance in construction and renovation processes. They have a vast knowledge of cleaning and maintenance and KBM proud of it.
  • Operating room terminal cleaning – Our highly trained staff of cleaners is specialized in providing cleaning services for operating room terminals to meet the environmental safety and cleaning standards for patients’ health.

Healthcare and Hospital Environmental Services

We at KohlBM, understand the importance of clean hospital environment and that is why we offer our 100% up to mark healthcare & Hospital environmental services in all the Healthcare facilities.

The disinfection of hospital surfaces is crucial to meet the standards of the healthcare environment. Our trained staff specialized in cleaning spills of blood, body fluids, and discharges from the surfaces. They adopt best practices and proper disinfecting techniques and completely decontaminate the areas for the safe and healthy hospital environment. You need to choose us for professional healthcare & Hospital environmental services.

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

We at KohlBM, offer the professional floor cleaning and Maintenance Services. You can have our expert cleaners at your place who give you Quality Assurance of their services by showing desired results. We provide floor maintenance services for all kinds of floors, including Marble, Tile, Terrazzo, concrete, and Granite. Our floor cleaning services cover almost all the industries from residential to non-residential buildings, and from hospitals to clinics including, exam rooms, kitchens, lobbies, party areas, activity rooms etc.

What makes us different from others?
  • Our experts first inspect and collect all the details of the floor. However, then do required actions according to the needs of the floor.
  • They are highly trained for each specific floor type care and adopt strategies accordingly.
  • The chemicals that we use are highly safe and in accordance with the flow type.
  • Our turnaround time is the specialty that makes us stand alone in the crowd.

Proper Sanitation to Protect Your Facility, Staff & Patients

It is very important to choose the best janitorial services provider company who take its cleaning work seriously. Moreover, it’s imperative to ensure a clean and safe environment as patients always enter and the hospital, there are great chances of spreading of diseases. We at Kohl Building Maintenance, provide proper sanitation facilities to protect hospital staff, patients, and facility.

You always need to select the service providers who can do thorough sanitation properly. We are proudly announcing that our staff is capable enough to ensure risk-free environment by providing sanitation services. So the areas we cover include patient rooms, waiting rooms, operating rooms and all other areas of the hospital. We use safe chemicals for sanitation and proper tools that meet the need for cleaning requirements.

Green Cleaning Services for Medical Facilities

The hospitals and the clinics are the areas where using chemical products can harm patients as well as other people working there. KohlBM completely understands the importance of using eco-friendly products for cleaning purposes. So we provide our working staff with the eco-friendly products to promote Green cleaning for medical facilities.
We always try to cut off the use of chemical products to kill microorganisms and infections. We stick to an aim of providing a better green environment to allow you to work in a better green environment. This is all that you deserve!

Professional Hospital Cleaning & Maintenance Near Me

Are you looking for the professional Hospital cleaning & maintenance near me? If yes, then you don’t need to look further. KohlBM is the only solution for your all cleaning and maintenance needs at the best and affordable rates. We are a group of workers whose single aim is to provide the convenience of cleaning and Maintenance Services to the people in the areas of Greater Los Angeles area. So what you are looking for? Contact us today or call now at 818.882.2600 and you will see how easy it can be to get the extreme results in no time.