As you might already know, the manufacturing industry is closely associated with industrial design and engineering. Both of these fields play a key role in what manufacturers produce and their overall output.

Manufacturing refers to the production of merchandise using human labor, machines, tools, biological processing, or some combination of these methods. Some of the goods produced through manufacturing are used to create and assemble larger, more complex products, which in turn must go through their own systems and processes.

At Kohl Building Maintenance, we are proud to offer our premier janitorial and cleaning services for a wide spectrum of manufacturing sites and warehouses. Are you a manufacturing company looking for an experienced and dependable cleaning service? Give us a call to learn more about our cleaning process and supplies at 818.882.2600

Industrial + Manufacturing Overview

Manufacturing operations take place in a variety of scopes and settings–from small local shops that sell handcrafted goods to large factories containing massive machinery. The complexity of daily operations and assembly generally increase with the scale of output, meaning that mass production facilities often require many more machines and a more systematic regimen in comparison to small-time operations. As a result, mass production usually takes place within expansive, multi-tiered factories specifically equipped to aid large-scale operations with higher quotas. This is a stark contrast to smaller operations, some of which may even be run out of a person’s home, studio, or workshop.

Because of the systematic approach of most manufacturing operations and sites, it is imperative that all facilities and equipment remain clean, well-kept, and functional–to ensure peak production and performance. An orderly, well-maintained manufacturing facility allows for a truly streamlined and optimized manufacturing process, which also creates a better work environment for employees. That’s where Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. comes in.

Industrial, Manufacturing, & Warehouse Cleaning Services

Since 1974, Kohl Building Maintenance has been serving the Los Angeles area with top-quality cleaning and janitorial services for a wide array of businesses, industries, and spaces–including industrial and manufacturing facilities and warehouses. In over 40 years of business, we’ve remained family-owned and operated, bringing the best in values, integrity, and hard work onsite to every project. When you partner up with Kohl Building Maintenance, you receive the best in cleaning and maintenance services–because we genuinely care Read More

Safe: At Kohl Building Maintenance, safety is our top priority–not just for your staff, but yours too. We know the importance of keeping work environments clean and up-to-code, especially in an industrial and manufacturing warehouse or facility where there is more equipment and higher risk for accidents and injury. You can count on us clear away debris and perform thorough cleaning maintenance that keeps your job site running smoothly and soundly.

Cost-Effective: We pride ourselves in offering cost-effective cleaning and janitorial services that accommodate varying budgets and scopes of production for industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout Los Angeles County, Santa Monica, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Santa Clarita, Long Beach and other surrounding areas. We believe in minimizing cleaning costs, as well as disruption, so your industrial plant can run efficiently and keep meeting and growing its production goals.

Focus On Quality: Even though our team builds a customized cleaning and janitorial services for your unique industrial and manufacturing site, you can rest assured knowing that we never sacrifice quality. From the initial walkthrough of your building and/or warehouse to scheduled maintenance, Kohl Building Maintenance’s cleaning professionals deliver cleanliness and results that meet your business’ needs but go above and beyond the status quo.

Flexible: As mentioned earlier, cleaning and janitorial services for your industrial and manufacturing site are tailored to your business’ needs and goals. We can add additional services to your cleaning checklist and meet any new specifications that come up along the way. Our team is more than willing to work with you when it comes to enhancing or changing your customized cleaning services.

24-Hour Availability: Kohl Building Maintenance ensures the scalability for around-the-clock immediate response from our managers, supervisors, and maintenance crew. Whether you need an emergency clean-up or need last-minute preparations for a special date or event, you can count on us to deliver the utmost in cleaning and janitorial services at the drop of a hat for our clients.

Trustworthy Staff: We screen all of our employees (i.e. crews, supervisors, and managers) and verify that they are trained and certified within the cleaning and janitorial services industry, so we can build a quality team of reliable professionals. Teamwork and open communication are vital to the work we do and the quality we deliver onsite.

Custom Cleaning Services: After our team’s initial walk-through of your industrial and manufacturing site, we build a plan around the cleaning and janitorial services your business requires. Some examples of the areas and tasks we take care of include but aren’t limited to:

  • » Restrooms + Bathrooms
  • » Lobbies
  • » Offices
  • » Board Rooms
  • » Break Areas
  • » Buffing
  • » Window Washing
  • » Matting Inspections
  • » Carpet Cleaning
  • » Hardwood Floor Maintenance
  • » Stripping
  • » Sealing
  • » Waxing
  • » Day Porter Service
  • » Odor Control
  • » Floors
  • » Surfaces
  • » Cubicles
  • » Conference Areas
  • » Labs
  • » Locker Rooms
  • » Loading Docks
  • » Warehouses
  • » Cafeterias
  • » Storage Rooms
  • » Equipment
  • » Exhaust Systems
  • » Silos
  • » And So Much More!

We even offer continual inspections and on-job supervision to make sure that high standards are maintained and all specifications are met.
Bonded + Insured: With Kohl Building Maintenance, you can rest assured knowing that our company and staff are licensed and insured for our protection–and yours. Ask us about the details concerning our Public Liability, Property Damage, and Workman’s Compensation insurance plans

Types of Industrial + Manufacturing Janitorial Services

We understand that some cleaning and janitorial services are specific to the industrial and manufacturing sector, and our crew is fully prepared to meet your specifications to contribute to a safe, productive, and sanitary work environment. Here are some of the specific services we offer our current industrial and manufacturing clients for long-term success and satisfaction.Read More

Day Porter Services: Opt for regular, light cleaning and maintenance services during the day with our porter services. During operating hours, our team can take care of the following without disrupting your business or workflow: lobby upkeep, restocking and sanitation for restrooms, trash removal, keeping communal areas tidy, set-ups and breakdowns for company meetings, and more!

Hardwood Floor Maintenance + Care: Our crew includes well-trained and certified floor care specialists that assess the state of your hardwood floors and properly strip, finish, burnish, top scrub, and/or recoat them so they continually look their best!

Carpet Cleaning: We understand your industrial and manufacturing site receives high foot traffic and encounters dirt and grime. Our team professionally cleans carpets to remove any stains and/or debris, ultimately increasing the lifespan of your carpet.

Window Washing: Give visitors, employees, and customers the best impression with windows that shine with windows cleaning services. The Kohl Building Maintenance crew thoroughly cleans interior and exterior windows and glass surfaces to remove any smudges, streaks, or residue.

Asbestos Removal: This is one of the most popular cleaning services for industrial and manufacturing sites since asbestos is prevalent in older buildings and found inside drywall, fireproofing, paint, and more.

Hydro Blasting: Also known as pressure washing, hydro blasting is typically used for large-scale projects involving paint and lead removal, as well as large mastic and epoxy coating removal projects on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Lead Abatement + Removal: We are certified with the EPA to offer lead abatement and removal services that involve using specific chemicals that breakdown coatings that contain lead and/or lead derivatives.

Mercury Spill Clean-Up: Our crew is also experienced and certified in getting rid of mercury vapor and mercury vapor sources in industrial facilities and warehouses.

Mold Remediation + Removal: Mold is not just dangerous for the structural damage it can cause but also the health problems it can pass along to your valuable staff. We specialize in mold and air testing to fully removal the contaminant from your industrial and/or manufacturing site.

Decontamination: Similarly, any chemical spill can be dangerous for your job site and employees. Our cleaning crew can get your production line safe and savvy once again with thorough decontamination services.

Industrial Vacuuming: For industrial and manufacturing sites, it’s typical for your floors to harbor chemicals, metal shavings, debris, dirt, and more. Our powerful industrial vacuuming can remove matter and substances from your walls and floors to keep your workspaces fully clean, safe, and productive.

Additional Cleaning Services For Your Industrial Plant

In addition to the above services specific to cleaning and janitorial services for industrial and manufacturing sites, we also offer the following specialized maintenance for industrial plants for plastic, nuclear energy, oil, chemicals, fertilizer, and metal are manufactured.

» Tube Cleaning + Maintenance
» Silo Cleaning + Maintenance
» Water Pipe Cleaning + Maintenance
» Coating Removal
» Paint Removal
» Conveyor Cleaning + Maintenance
» HVAC Cleaning + Maintenance
» Tank Cleaning + Maintenance

Unparalleled Industrial + Manufacturing + Cleaning Services

Do you have any additional questions regarding cleaning and janitorial services for your industrial and/or manufacturing site? Kohl Building Maintenance is an established, family-owned business that goes above and beyond when it comes to maintaining safe and productive work environments. Contact us directly today for your customized cleaning service plan at 818.882.2600.