Commercial Window Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for the professional commercial window cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA? If yes, then Kohl Building Maintenance Company is available 24/7 at your service. We at our company understand how deeply you need to maintain your business status a level high in the crowded hustle City-Los Angeles. However, that is why we offer the most convenient and desirable window washing service and Commercial Window Cleaning Los Angeles to keep your building exterior tidy and shiny. We all know Los Angeles is a city with a lot of pollutants in the air, which make window cleaners the most crucial part of any business to keep windows clean. You can find our Los Angeles Commercial Janitorial Services crew performing the window cleaning services in various locations in Los Angeles. We are a Commercial window cleaning company of Los Angeles based professional window cleaners, who will service your commercial business’ windows and provide the superior quality service at an affordable rate using the latest glass and window cleaning products and techniques.

Benefits of KohlBM’s Commercial Window Cleaning Los Angeles

Commercial window cleaning Los Angeles comes with a host of many benefits. If you want to take the comfort of your Los Angeles business to the next level, trust KohlBM commercial janitorial services in Los Angeles and call at (818) 882-2600 now to avail all the benefits of hiring KohlBM for commercial window cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA.

Benefit#1: Strain Resist Windows:

If you want to get streak free windows? Then the only solution is to hire the professionals who know what kind of material need to pick up for getting best results. We understand how untidy it looks when someone finds streaks on your commercial building windows. It does not give a bad impression of you but also your business. However, we make sure to only use those cleaning products that don’t leave streaks on windows.

Benefit#2: Long Lasting Results:

You can find a difference between the work done by non-professionals and by professionals. Most of the time the owners get their windows clean by some cheap kinds of solutions which result in fewer hours shine and dirt in a few hours. However, the benefit of hiring professionals is that they use only those solutions and tools which promise to provide long-lasting results in speck-less windows. We are the top reliable Los Angeles Window Cleaners offering professional residential and commercial window cleaning services in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Benefit#3: Preventing Any Damage:

It’s necessary to keep your commercial windows neat and clean to prevent permanent damage. One of the main reason to hire the professionals is that it helps your windows keep clean and safe from dirt and mold formation which can result due to less air movement.

Benefit#4: Deep Cleaning:

It’s important to keep commercial building windows clean periodically to keep your windows run in a long way. Most of the companies’ only offer inside cleaning but the important thing is to keep both sides clean. Never go for regular cleaning services and hire only KohlBM commercial window cleaning services Los Angels as it can harm your windows as well as affect your budget.

Benefit#5: Much Easier and Affordable:

It’s not easy to get time for cleaning your commercial windows over a time. That is why hiring professionals could be beneficial in many ways. It can save your time, effort and much important money. They use excellent products to keep the results last longer for years.

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KohlBM’s Commercial Window Cleaning Process

While talking about commercial window cleaning process, it could give you stress as the process could be overwhelming if you want to handle it yourself. However, this is not the case with KohlBM’s professional window cleaners and our Los Angeles commercial window cleaning services who know from where to start.

Gather supplies

The very first step in window cleaning process is to gathering supplies that are necessary for cleaning windows. These include:

  • High quality window cleaning solution
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Window cleaning scraper
  • Utility buckets
  • Microfiber cloth and much more

Commercial Window Cleaning Methods we use

Window pressure washing, Los Angeles

The best thing about KohlBM Company is it is highly aimed to provide customers with the purest satisfaction. That is why we use window pressure washing services with advanced technique in which we use pure and demineralized water just to keep the environment clean.

Water fed pole system:

Don’t worry if you are an owner of a multi-floor building because we use the technique of water fed pole system. It allows us to clean even the sky waving building windows efficiently.

Rope access:

To clean each part of the window, our Los Angeles professional window cleaners use rope access method just to make sure no streak left behind.

The hand clean method:

We at KohlBM always use high-quality detergent to keep cleaning process hygiene and environment-friendly. We always try our best to leave no spot on windows by our squeezing technique. Our work is to remove grease and dirt and we do it efficiently. This process includes:

Rubbing & scrubbing stage:

We rub and scrub out all the stubborn stains and grease marks on the windows to make your building windows clean and shining.

Drying out stage:

We make sure to dry out water from all the corners of the windows to give them shinny look.

Final touch:

After everything done our workers go for the final step and that is to use wipe and sill to give an attractive look to windows. At KohlBM, we never compromise on quality.

We also include a free inspection of your Los Angeles commercial building or workspace window care program to make sure there is an issue you may have missed. KohlBM offer this inspection at no additional cost because your clean workspace or building plays an important role in the health and enjoyment of your Los Angeles business.
Act now to get our comprehensive maintenance plan. Contact us today to schedule commercial window cleaning Los Angeles and a maintenance call at your Los Angeles location.

Commercial Window Washing in Los Angeles

Looking for the most professional commercial window washing and cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA? The right solution is here.
We have been in the janitorial services industry for the past many years and providing the commercial window cleaning Los Angeles by helping the commercial buildings, companies, office premises, multiplexes, etc. to keep their interior and exterior amazingly shiny, neat and clean. There are many benefits of hiring professional cleaners who are expert in commercial window washing services. Our team uses latest Anti-bacterial solution, advanced window cleaning products, and techniques to clean and serve the needs of commercial building windows to look best. From Los Angeles based sunrooms to showrooms, and skylights to storefronts, offices to multiplexes, we serve and do it all. By hiring professionals you not only ensure professional work and long-lasting results. But it also helps you to keep your reputation high. It’s important to present your business in a clean way so why not to hire the professionals?

Commercial Window Cleaning Los Angeles for Specific Businesses

When we talk about Los Angeles commercial window cleaning services for specific businesses, then every business has its own unique requirements regarding commercial window cleaning.


As we all know it is one of those places that are greatly affected by grease, oil and moisture. So it’s always better to biweekly cleaning services.

Healthcare facilities

While talking about hospitals, clinics based in Los Angeles, then these are the places that need to be cleaned all the time. It’s better to go for monthly basis window cleaning services for these areas.

Storefront window washing

Well, about storefront window washing we always say it depends upon the condition of a store.

Retail stores

Alternative name is the general stores with a lot of daily traffic with alternative brings a lot of dust, dirt. So it’s better to have Los Angeles commercial window washing service at least once in a month.

Office buildings

Every building is different from others in respective of cleaning requirements. It’s always better to analyze what type of factors causes dirt and schedule our professional commercial office window cleaning Los Angeles two times in a year.

Factors Affecting a Commercial Window Cleaning Schedule

There are some of the factors that greatly affect a commercial window cleaning schedule.

Location: Location matters a lot. If you are living in any high traffic area where the streets are busy 24/7, chances are that your building would get dirtier than any other soft locations.

Landscaping: Landscaping plays an important role in the dirt and pollution. If your building is near the parking lot or there are a lot of trees, chances are that you need to invest a little bit more than other customers.

Weather: Surely, if you are living in an area where it gets a lot of rain, chances are that your windows will get more debris and streaks.

Structure: No doubt that structure to get an attractive building matters a lot. But along with that, there are factors that invite dirt and debris and that is inset windows, etc.

10 reasons to choose our Commercial Window Cleaning Company We are the professional Commercial Window Cleaning Company in Los Angeles, CA

Reliable Commercial Window Cleaning Los Angeles:

With KohlBM, you are going to experience exceptional customer care and reliability. We make sure to deliver the best commercial window cleaning Los Angeles that we can.

Locally Owned And Operated Window Cleaning Company:

The benefit of hiring commercial window cleaning company is you can get services anywhere, anytime locally with a 100% service guarantee.

Licensed & Insured:

We are fully licensed and insured. So you don’t need to worry if there comes any unwanted situation.

Flat Rate Pricing:

Our service rates are flat and we make sure to provide as much discount as possible.

Annual Scheduling of all Services:

We offer annual scheduling to make things clearer with calendar and memo reminders.

Pre-Use Inspections and Annual Inspections:

Our Company provides annual inspections to keep the quality of work high.

High-Quality Equipment & Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning:

We only use that equipment and products that ensure go green window cleaning services. Our aim is to provide cleaning and nothing else.

We Put Safety First:

Your safety is important same as ours. So we make sure to bring all the safety tools with us to ensure 100% work insurance.

Customized Window Washing Solutions:

We are the best company in Los Angeles who offer most desirable customized window washing solutions and professional commercial window cleaning Los Angeles with advanced products and techniques.

Extensive Trained Specialists & Window Restoration Experts:

We have the experts at our company which include expert mineral stain removals who go a step ahead to offer no hydrofluoric acids techniques. Similarly, the workers at our company work to maintain the quality work by offering different services, including scratch removal.

Whether you need routine maintenance or you’ve had a serious issue, we will determine the source of the problem and provide you with an expert solution. Our commercial window cleaning Los Angeles experts put extra care and attention into servicing and maintaining your Office, warehouse, or whatever your environment you work in. We treat you and your Los Angeles California residential or commercial windows with respect, too, by reliably arriving at your property within right time and by providing an honest quality work each time. Our team will arrive at your property in a branded vehicles fully stocked with supplies for fast and convenient commercial window cleaning service in Los Angeles California each time and will get easily recognized by their smart uniforms, IDs, and friendly attitude. You can have complete peace of mind that the job will be carried out to the highest standard with the right tools. To this end, we provide the latest cleaning methods that achieve brilliant results for all properties.

Email us today for more information or, better yet, give us a call at (818) 882-2600 to schedule a service at your Los Angeles location. Our office staff will gladly transfer your question to one of our expert technicians. We understand that sometimes you just want to talk before scheduling a service call.

Professional Window Cleaners in Southern California

KohlBM is the growing company with a great reputation within a market with over 40 years of cleaning and maintenance experience, and as the best commercial window cleaners in the Southern California to keep your windows looking great. We have been operating and providing commercial window cleaning Los Angeles for the past many years with satisfied customers in the area. We are a licensed, insured Building Maintenance team trained to the highest level, you can be sure you are choosing true professionals in the business when you choose Kohl Building Maintenance. When you are searching for the most reliable and trusted commercial window cleaning service company near me, KohlBM is the right choice for you with professional cleaning services in the most affordable pricing. We guarantee you that you will get the best window washing service, window cleaning service like nowhere. So get in touch with us. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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