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Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Moorpark, CA

Your facility’s safety, health, and cleanliness are vital, which is why it’s so important to work with proven experts capable of handling your environment’s unique cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Kohl Building Maintenance is a local cleaning company that’s been serving Moorpark residential and commercial customers since 1974. As the Moorpark commercial cleaning company you want to clean your business, we appreciate a clean building as much as you do. Whether you run a small shop in Moorpark or a huge multi-building corporation in the area, we have the advanced cleaning techniques and technologies to keep your commercial property clean.

Some of our most essential services include:

  • Window washing
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Carpet and floor care
  • Trash removal
  • Clean room service
  • Recycling services
  • Green cleaning

As one of Southern California’s leading commercial janitorial service providers, Kohl Building Maintenance proudly partners with various local and nationally prestigious clients. Our clients include office complexes, healthcare facilities, malls, educational institutions, and many more.

Contact KohlBM to receive your fully customized commercial cleaning and disinfection plan today!

KohlBM Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Moorpark & Southern California

The commercial cleaning professionals at Kohl Building Maintenance can build a customized office cleaning schedule that meets your needs, budget, and time of operations. Based on our extensive experience spanning almost five decades, we crafted a highly effective unique maintenance process that covers everything we can do to keep your commercial space operating at its peak performance.

As part of our comprehensive process, we:

  • Inspect your commercial building.
  • Offer you a comprehensive maintenance plan.
  • Communicate with you for input.
  • Provide our professional feedback
  • Check for any potential issues.
  • Inspect our work from time to time.
  • Check for proper engagement of services.
  • Examine the results.
  • Check with you for feedback.
  • Annually reassess provided services.

By understanding, analyzing, and evaluating your specific maintenance requirements and financial objectives, we can customize our services to accommodate those needs.

When handling the cleaning responsibilities for your commercial property, settle for nothing but the best janitorial services Moorpark, CA, offers. Contact KohlBM today!

Choose Our Cleaning Experts if You’re in Moorpark, CA

We know there are countless commercial cleaning contractors and janitorial companies to choose from in Moorpark. So, why choose KohlBM? At KohlBM, we are:


  • We’ve provided professional building maintenance services in Moorpark for over 48 years.
  • We are fully insured and surety bonded.
  • We invest highly in our exceptional cleaning staff
  • We’re family-owned and operated.


  • We guarantee a fast response time. Our team is at hand to speak with you, day or night
  • We’re on-call for emergencies in Moorpark, 24/7, all year long
  • We are fully stocked and equipped


  • We charge by the job, not by the hour
  • We have no interest in locking customers into expensive, long-term contracts
  • We won’t try to sell you services you don’t need
  • We ensure 100% complete satisfaction in every job

KohlBM is here to prove we are the best through quality control, customer service, local certified employees, and smart, cost-effective service.

KohlBM Commercial Cleaning Services in Moorpark, CA

Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices

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Besides daily cleaning tasks, clients can also contact Kohl Building Maintenance for their commercial cleaning needs to keep their offices and facilities in optimal condition.

Whether your property requires a daily or weekly cleaning and disinfecting service, KohlBM can develop a tailored cleaning schedule that works within your budget, with minimum impact on you and your staff. We strive to incorporate innovative resources and technologies to provide the most effective janitorial program.

Cleaning for a healthier workplace begins with a free assessment of your Moorpark facility. Schedule your free janitorial consultation today!

Your Local Building Cleaning Service Company in Moorpark, CA

Protecting your clients, your customers, and yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. You can hire a professional corporate cleaning service near you to take care of it. When you choose KohlMB for office cleaning services in Moorpark, you’ll experience more benefits than just having a clean building:

  • You can spend more time on the things that matter to your business rather than spending that precious time holding a mop.
  • It creates a more pleasant space for employees and customers, improving your bottom line.
  • Our professional Moorpark janitors will feel like part of your team. KohlBM’s well-trained professionals work efficiently and respect your company culture

When looking for affordable, professional cleaning services in Moorpark, look no further on the “near me” search than KohlBM. We are the Moorpark cleaning contractor who will get you a customized cleaning plan to keep your facility disinfected.

Can You Maintain Your Business Yourself?

Keeping your business clean and disinfected can be difficult for an individual or a team, especially if customers come in and out of your facility throughout the day. Running your Moorpark business while trying to keep everything clean is a lot to handle, so why not bring in the experts?

Family-owned and operated since 1974, KohlBM offers a personal touch with large company advantages. We have the infrastructure and capacity to support even the most demanding cleaning. Our quality cleaning services and trusted reliability are why we are known for being the leader among the best cleaning companies in Moorpar

Talk to a Moorpark Cleaning Service Expert

With Kohl Building Maintenance, you don’t just hire a team of Moorpark cleaning experts. You employ a team of experienced cleaners who are experts in your industry. Our expertise and experience extend across multiple industries and sectors, including:

  • Medical, surgical, and dental offices
  • Community spaces, including schools, government buildings, and religious centers
  • Business and commercial areas, including offices, banks, and retail centers
  • Heavy-duty areas, including industrial plants, automotive centers, and storage facilities
  • Specialty cleaning for spaces such as fitness centers, restaurants, and more

Our professional cleaning staff can keep your business clean, safe, and healthy without disrupting the lively nature of your business. We limit heavy and deep cleaning to low-traffic or after business hours to ensure everyone can continue their business as usual.

When searching for “Moorpark, CA professional cleaning services near me,” Kohl Building Maintenance is ready and available. We service Moorpark, all of Ventura County, and nearby areas such as Santa Clarita and Los Angeles.

» Servicing Older Properties in Moorpark, CA

We are the premier janitorial service for cleaning older buildings in Moorpark, CA, because of our relentless attention to detail. We have almost five decades of experience cleaning Moorpark buildings, so we have more than enough experience cleaning older buildings that require special care.

» Servicing New Properties in Moorpark, CA

Are you worried that inexperienced janitors might risk the well-being of your new Moorpark building? Get in touch with KohlBM. We know which products and procedures work best for new carpets, upholstery, concrete floors, and tiles.

Building Cleaning & Maintenance Services Company Near Me

Since 1974, Kohl Building Maintenance has been a leader in providing commercial cleaning services to businesses and organizations in Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Calabasas, and the surrounding communities.

It’s simple: If you want the most professional, reliable, and affordable commercial cleaning services in Moorpark, California, and elsewhere in Ventura County, there’s just one place to call: Kohl Building Maintenance.

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