Retail Cleaning Tips: 6 Important Reasons to Clean Your Retail Environment

Cleanliness has a massive impact on the customers’ opinion of your retail store. Bright lights, shiny floors, and gleaming glass attract shoppers, while smudges on the glass, stained floors, and spills will have them abandon their carts.

The importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated, especially for retail stores. According to recent consumer reports, there’s one feature that all the top supermarkets and grocery chains in the United States share: cleanliness.

Maintaining a clean retail environment is easier said than done, with one day’s worth of shoppers generating an immense volume of dirt and dust. Properly cleaning your retail store each day ought to be overwhelming for you and your staff. It is why hiring a professional cleaning company specializing in retail store cleaning services is highly recommended.

Important Reasons to Clean Your Retail Environment

By seeking the help of a professional janitorial service provider such as Kohl Building Maintenance, you no longer have to worry about sustaining a spotlessly clean retail environment, so you have one less thing to worry about. Our services are reliable, cost-effective, and accessible, so you can tailor our services to suit your retail cleaning goals.

In this post, we’ll go through the six main reasons why you should always keep your retail store clean and tidy.

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Six Main Reasons Why You Should Always Keep Your Retail Store Clean

1. First Impressions Count

First impressions are essential in business. You want this initial impression to be a good one, or you could see potential clients find their way to the exit as soon as they walk in.

The appearance of your premises paints a picture in the minds of your customer immediately as they walk into your retail store. That first impression creates the tone for the relationship that follows. An appealing and welcoming retail environment creates an impression of efficiency and professionalism, making your customers trust you from the very beginning.

2. Elevate Your Brand

It doesn’t matter how outstanding the service is, how low the prices are, and how exceptional your employees are. How clean and fresh your retail store is matters most for 92 percent of customers when deciding whether they will become repeat customers. Seventy-four percent of consumers are even willing to overlook slow service as long as the business is noticeably clean.

For many business owners, cleanliness seems like a necessary cost of managing the business. However, it could be a moneymaker. It can be a source of revenue through repeat business. Always remember that every customer’s experience at a grocery store, supermarket, or even restaurant affects their inclination to return, no matter how big or small the business is.

3. Boost the Mood of Your Employees

A clean working environment can immensely boost the morale of your workers. Since many employees consider their workplace a second home, you should ensure that they are comfortable while doing their jobs. Keeping the retail store clean is essential to ensure that your crew remains efficient, productive, and, most importantly, happy. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to work in a clean retail environment?

However, this doesn’t mean tasking your employees with cleaning duties. For that, invest in a professional cleaning agency that offers retail cleaning services in your city. If you are in Southern California, you won’t go wrong with Kohl Building Maintenance. Call us at 818-882-2600, and we’ll make you a cost-effective retail cleaning plan that aligns with your budget and janitorial needs.

4. Air Quality Matters

Sight isn’t the only sensory element that affects your customer’s perception of your store. The scent and retail store air quality as a whole is just as important.

Many people visit retail stores each day, and the air may harbor airborne contaminants that are adverse to the good health of your customers and staff. Bad retail store air quality can compromise staff productivity in missed work days due to illness. You should install effective commercial air filtration devices to improve the indoor air quality of your retail store for a healthier environment.

Did you know that scent can evoke a sense of cleanliness? That’s the reason you smell fresh laundry instead of holding your clothes against the light to inspect them for signs of cleanliness.

A high-quality fragrance does more than imparting a pure, airy feeling in your retail store. Smell has an intense effect on our memory and emotions, and when used in the right way, could:

  • Increase footfall
  • Increase dwell time
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Increase employee productivity

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5. Cleanliness Contributes to Equipment Life

No matter the industry, maintaining a clean working environment is a must if you try to get a long life out of your equipment. Electronics are the most commonly touched items in a retail store, especially around the checkout area. In addition to getting all equipment sanitized regularly, all point-of-sale hardware should be cleaned and maintained often to prevent breakages. Such breakages often result in a loss in efficiency and productivity. It would be best if you dusted all other electrical machines such as refrigerators and freezers regularly to prevent damages and fires.

6. Reduce Hazards

The last thing you want to be in court dealing with a negligence lawsuit because someone tripped and fell because of a wet floor in your retail store. As soon as a spill occurs, you need to take care of it immediately. Apart from keeping your shoppers and staff safe, removing spills as soon as possible helps you keep your floors free of stains. You will need to acquire essential cleaning products to remove accidental spills. Eliminating clutter from your retail store floor will also help you manage the situation effectively in an emergency. You don’t want boxes in corridors blocking your emergency exits.


As a retail store manager, one of the best decisions you can make is to have a well-organized ongoing cleaning routine with a reliable, consistent, and professional janitorial services provider. This way, you’ll ensure that your retail environment is always clean.

The ideal retail cleaning experts need to have the expertise and equipment to handle all professional retail cleaning tasks such as dusting, hoovering, mopping, floor polishing, window cleaning, et cetera. A professional retail cleaning service provider should also be flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs.

You can find all these qualities in Kohl Building Maintenance. We pride ourselves on delivering consistently superior services at cost-effective packages tailored to suit each client’s unique needs and expectations. Feel free to call Kohl Building Maintenance at 818-882-2600 for detailed information about our janitorial services.