What is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Services and Residential Cleaning Services?

Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to professional cleaning services, we can generally distinguish between residential and commercial cleaning. Both have the same goal, to provide customers with a clean and safe environment. However, since they cater to different customer needs, there are significant differences in their cleaning processes, products, equipment, and technology used.

If you’re not sure which type of cleaning services you need for your building, read on to learn more about residential vs commercial cleaning by team at Kohl Building Maintenance:

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What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services refer to the professional cleaning of various commercial buildings, including schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, and more.

Commercial cleaning companies employ trained staff who use special cleaning techniques and equipment. In addition, they follow strict cleaning schedules and procedures to ensure that the hygiene requirements of each industry and each commercial building are met.

Commercial cleaning services, therefore, often use high-tech equipment to provide a high level of hygiene in commercial buildings. They may also specialize in green cleaning (using environmentally friendly products and technologies) to reduce their environmental footprint and create a safer environment for everyone in the building.

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What Does Commercial Cleaning Services Consists of?

Commercial cleaning services follow a set cleaning schedule, consisting of specific tasks to be carried out on a regular basis. Depending on customer needs, their services include:

Daily Tasks

  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets and floors
  • Dusting and wiping surfaces like desks and chairs
  • Emptying waste bins
  • Cleaning elevators and stairs
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting kitchens and washrooms

Periodic Tasks

  • Window cleaning
  • Complete floor care
  • Allergy cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Duct and A/C cleaning

The list goes on, as you may require additional or more specialized services. That’s why a commercial cleaning company would first assess your building and create a customized cleaning plan based on your needs and budget.

What is Residential Cleaning?

As the name suggests, residential cleaning provides professional cleaning to residential buildings. The services are performed by small or large cleaning companies or by self-employed cleaners.

Residential cleaning services are often affordable because they don’t have to follow the strictest requirements to meet customers’ cleaning needs. For this reason, they don’t always offer a long list of services or use the latest equipment or procedures—but this can vary from company to company.

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What Does Residential Cleaning Services Consist of?

Residential cleaners perform similar tasks to commercial cleaners. The main difference is in the length and frequency of these tasks: they may clean a home a few times a week but rarely daily. Furthermore, many residential cleaners don’t offer specialized services due to a lack of demand, training, or equipment.

Depending on the customer’s needs and budget, a residential cleaning company performs the following cleaning tasks:

  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets and floors
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Emptying bins
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom and kitchen
  • Dusting and wiping smooth surfaces
  • Cleaning door handles
  • Polishing mirrors
  • Window cleaning

What are the Differences between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services?

The differences between commercial and residential cleaning services are mainly due to the size of the facility. It’s easy to see why the cleaning needs of a large corporate office are different from those of a family home. Cleaning a large building efficiently and meeting strict requirements requires training, expertise, equipment, and a larger team. In contrast, residential cleaning needs can be met by individual cleaners—without the use of special equipment or procedures.

In addition, commercial cleaners must comply with certain safety regulations and standards set by the industry or the state in which they operate. They are also bonded and insured to cover any damage caused while performing their tasks. However, this is often not a requirement for residential cleaners, as the standards set vary from homeowner to homeowner.

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If you’re wondering whether residential or commercial cleaning services are right for you, consider the type of facility you want to hire them for. Ask yourself whether you need a highly trained staff, the latest equipment, cleaning procedures, or environmentally friendly products. Chances are that a residential cleaning company will not be able to provide all of the above simply because they cater to less specialized needs. Therefore, if your business has high cleanliness standards and special requirements, you will be happier when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

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