Tips on Cleaning After an Office Holiday Party

Tips on Cleaning After an Office Holiday Party

Office holiday parties are a great way to celebrate the end of the year, even though they come with a lot of mess. That’s why cleaning up after a holiday party can be a hassle without the help of a commercial cleaning company, but it’s not impossible by following a few tried and tested tips.

Planning an office get-together? Read our holiday office cleaning tips below to prepare for the party and the cleanup that follows:

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Cleaning Up Before the Party

Before the fun can begin, the first step is party prep. Even just buying a few handy supplies, such as trash cans and disposable tablecloths, can make cleaning up easier once the party is over! Follow these tips to avoid wasting time cleaning up:

Invest in large trash cans: Get some large trash cans and place them somewhere visible. Guests will be less likely to leave a mess if there are trash cans to use! With this trick (if you’re lucky), you only have to do minimal cleaning once the party’s over.

Protect carpeting with mats: Drink and food spills can ruin your expensive carpeting—unless you use mats to protect them. But even with protective mats, deep cleaning of carpets is recommended after the party.

Use disposable tablecloths: Disposable tablecloths make cleaning up faster, as all you have to do is wipe down tables. If you want to reduce the amount of disposable material, you can use fabric tablecloths instead, although some stains may not come off the fabric!

Quickly deal with stains: Be prepared for spills and stains, and clean them up immediately. Stains are easy to deal with when fresh but are much more stubborn once they have set. While cleaning up during a party is annoying, it can save you a lot of time later.

Sanitize restrooms: The most important pre-party task is disinfecting the restrooms. You’ll want to clean all surfaces, including tiles, mirrors, and door handles, refill paper goods and soap dispensers, and ensure no unpleasant odors remain.

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Cleaning Up Before the Party

Cleaning Up After the Party

You’ve done the prep work, that’s great, but now the party’s over, and the real cleaning duty begins. Best done in teams or with the help of your commercial cleaning services, this office holiday party cleaning checklist will help you tackle the mess in no time:

Pick up trash: At a holiday party, trash will inevitably accumulate. Start with picking up paper plates, disposable cups, and decorations and collect them in trash bags so they don’t get in the way of other cleaning tasks.

Remove decorations: Of course, you don’t have to throw out all your festive decorations; there may be items you want to reuse next year. Collect these in clearly labeled containers so you can easily find them next year.

Clean up the kitchens: The kitchen is where you will spend the most time cleaning. There will be food leftovers to remove from the refrigerators, counters, and sinks. Make sure that all surfaces are wiped down and the food preparation area is sanitized.

Sanitize all surfaces: After the party, there will be many surfaces you must sanitize, such as tabletops, chairs, shelves, and door handles. This step is important to ensure a healthy environment for colleagues when they return to work after the holidays.

Clean the floors: Stains, spills, and dirt will show up on hard flooring and tiled areas, so you have to give these a thorough mopping. Carpets must be vacuumed and deep cleaned by your commercial janitorial services.

Don’t forget the windows: If you leave the windows dirty, the office will never look sparkling clean, no matter how much time you spend cleaning. Depending on the size of the space, you may need professionals to handle this task for you.

Deep clean the restrooms: You know the cleaning is done when the toilets are sparkling clean again! Disinfect all surfaces, refill paper towels and soap dispensers, and mop the floors, to make the room spotless and ready for the return of staff after the holidays.

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Holiday Office Cleaning Services Near Me

Office holiday parties are fun while they last, but when they’re over, the hard work of cleaning up begins! While there are steps you can take to make office cleanup easier, be prepared to work long hours to get your office back in its pre-party shape. If you can’t deal with all the cleaning yourself, consider hiring professionals with experience in sanitizing and deep cleaning offices. Commercial cleaners will help you achieve a healthy environment everybody will feel comfortable returning to.

At Kohl’s Building Maintenance, we offer a full range of commercial cleaning services for offices. Whether before or after the party, we provide quality work to meet all your office cleaning needs. Call us at 818-882-2600 or fill out our online form for more information about our office cleaning services.