Helpful and Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Factory Clean

Every business owner and manager knows that having a lean work environment is safer and more productive. However, when it comes to a factory setting, this can be more of a challenge regardless of the setup industry or size.

Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Factory Clean

One of the first rules of keeping a work area clean is to have the right equipment and products on hand to keep things clean. While there are many things to choose from, there are specifics for using them and for what. Often, if you use the equipment or the wrong product for cleaning something, it can cause or problem.

For example, bathroom cleaning products are specific for bathrooms. Not having the proper instructions for using these products can damage the countertops, faucets, etc. For the budget-conscious, keep in mind that the cheaper the product, the less likely it will do the job you need, thus wasting your money. Spend a little more money for better quality is standard advice among business owners, building management, and professional cleaning services.

Cost-Effective Factory and Warehouse Cleaning Tips

As a professional cleaner, Kohl Building Maintenance works with you from the first step to the very last step to get your Factory clean. Here, we offer a collection of tips from various companies that have taken on keeping their factory and warehouse clean and in order:


Assign responsibility to everyone that works in the factory. Then there are no issues of anyone thinking it was so-so’s duty. Assigning each person a specific task will assure that each task has been complete and when something isn’t complete, it is easy to see who is responsible and address the issue.

Checklist and Plan

With a cleaning plan and a checklist, it is easier to ensure that everything gets cleaned than nothing can be forgotten or skipped. Meet with the staff and review the checklist and design a plan to works for everyone on every shift. When employees have input, they’re more likely to follow through with the plan. The checklist is the best way to organize the cleaning efficiently and productively.

Proper Training

Ensure each person has proper training on their assigned area or equipment to clean with the right cleaner. Spray and wipe doesn’t always work for an industrial setting, and chemical strengths vary. Some require a more extended period, while others need a quick wipe. Machinery has specific ways to be cleaned, and any variance can damage the equipment.

Cleaning Levels

Your cleaning checklist should have breakdowns of cleaning frequency. Some things need daily cleaning and others weekly, then is once or twice a year deep cleaning. While deep cleaning is essential, the day-to-day general cleaning keeps the dirt, dust, grime, gunk, scale, and other substances from building up, creating more work for the monthly and annual in-depth cleaning sessions.

Cleaning Time

As you review the cleaning plan and checklist with the employees, discuss the time needed to complete each task. Your employees are on the clock and want them productive, but cleaning is essential in productivity. Allow them ample time to complete their cleaning task thoroughly.

Involve Managers

Management should be involved in the cleaning checklist, plan, and process. Lead by example, even the most basic task! When the employees see management participating in the cleaning process, it instills a sense of unity on all levels.

 Clean Factory Environment

Another Option for A Clean Factory Environment

Your company probably has a cleaning crew for the offices, bathrooms, and breakrooms. Ask if they offer factory cleaning services too. A cleaning company like Kohl Building Maintenance includes everything from the exterior window cleaning to deep down cleaning of the offices, bathrooms, breakrooms, factory, production, and warehouse.

Maybe consider hiring an outside professional company like Kohl Building Maintenance. There are many benefits to doing this, with the first being your employee’s time. Like any company, time is money, and the cleaning plan we’ve discussed here will take your employees away from their original job assignment.

By hiring a professional cleaning service, their staff has been trained and have the proper equipment and industrial-strength cleaning supplies to know how to use them. With KBM, our staff has only one job: cleaning, unlike your employees who have other responsibilities.

Kohl Building Maintenance and our team follow our primary mission to deliver superior services consistently. We will meet with you and define your janitorial and maintenance needs for the office, factory production area, and warehouse, finding a cost-effective cleaning solution. For years, KBM has created and developed standards above others in the industry. With excellence rooted in the belief and a unique set of expectations, we meet our clients’ needs. Call us today at 818-882-2600 or message us online for more information about our professional factory and warehouse cleaning services.