The Ultimate Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Having a clean work environment is crucial for employers, employees, clients, and investors. A clean workplace enables you to maintain a professional atmosphere and reduces the chances of your employees getting sick, which means more productivity. Regular cleaning around the office also ensures the longevity of your equipment and furnishings. More importantly, first impressions count! A clean and tidy office creates the impression that your expertise will be of the same impeccable quality as that of your premises.

Not all tasks are equal. Some cleaning tasks are more critical and require daily attention. For example, vacuuming the floors and cleaning the bathrooms has to be done daily, or else people will notice. Proper office cleaning is a continuous process that requires you to handle various tasks every day, week, and month. Creating the perfect checklist for daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning will always help you keep your office spick and span.

Keeping your office presentable and functional requires a combined effort from your staff and commercial cleaning professionals. Implementing a schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning will not only help you keep your office presentable and functional; it will save you a lot of time and money. At Kohl Building Maintenance, we offer premium janitorial services for thousands of corporate offices in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, and other Southern California cities. By helping our clients organize their cleaning and maintenance tasks, we have compiled the ultimate daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning checklists.

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Required Office Cleaning Supplies

Whether you have an in-house cleaning team or are outsourcing your office cleaning and sanitization to office cleaning experts in Los Angeles, you need to procure several office cleaning products and tools. Accidental spills and messes could happen anytime.

Below is a list of essential office cleaning supplies that could help you save the day:

  • Medium and large-sized containers, spray bottles, and dispensers to store cleaning and sanitizing solutions
  • All-purpose stain and spot remover
  • Bucket
  • Broom and brush
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Feather duster
  • Paper towels
  • Baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or other natural cleaners
  • Dish washing liquid and castile soap
  • Glass and mirror cleaners
  • Toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant
  • Sponges and brushes
  • Squeegees
  • Trash bins, trashcans, and dustpans
  • Polishing for wooden surfaces and upholstery
Essential office cleaning supplies

The availability of these tools and products is key to maintaining a clean and healthy office environment. It should be your office manager’s responsibility to ensure the availability and proper use of these materials.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily office cleaning tasks comprise the basic tasks required to ensure that your workers are comfortable doing their jobs.

Did you know that most people consider their workplaces as a second home? Given that the average American spends around 8 hours a day at work, you need to provide your employees with a happy and conducive work environment.

The best daily cleaning lists for an office should include:

  • General dusting. Keyboards, monitors, telephones, vases, desks, etc., should be dusted daily and wiped down with disinfectant spray and microfiber cloth.
  • Vacuum the floor. Vacuum or sweep debris from the floor once everyone leaves.
  • Sweep debris and dust/wet mop general office. Accumulation of dust on the office floor is unacceptable; hence the floors need to be cleaned daily.
  • Reception and waiting area. Your office cleaning team should clean these areas daily without fail. Clean everything from the reception table and computers to the backs of chairs
  • Empty trash bins and add new liners.
  • Wipe down all glass areas with a glass cleaner.
  • Remove scuff marks and cobwebs from walls
  • Declutter the office and organize loose object
  • Kitchen area/pantry. Wipe down kitchen appliances and surfaces
  • Clean all toilets and urinals

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Each week, you should perform a deeper cleaning of areas, surfaces, and objects that don’t get dirty as often or require more time to clean.

The following tasks fall under this category:

  • Polish glass, mirrors, and wood surfaces
  • Restock paper towels, toilet papers, hand washing soap, and other supplies
  • Wipe the refrigerator and get rid of old food
  • Clean all the hard-to-reach spaces
  • Clean and squeegee all-glass walls, windows, and door
  • Clean and disinfect the carpets, blinds, and curtains
  • Vacuum the couch and fabric chairs
  • Clean and sanitize the microwave
  • Kitchen area/pantry. While cleaning the kitchen area/pantry should be done daily, your office janitors should do a deeper clean at least once each week.

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Your clients don’t get to see some areas of your office, but that doesn’t mean that you neglect them as they contribute to the office’s overall aesthetic. Monthly office cleaning tasks consist of cleaning tasks that cleaning staff should do at least once in four to six weeks. Such tasks are often time-consuming and require specialized equipment, which is why most business owners hand the task over to professional office cleaners in Southern California.

Monthly cleaning lists include:

  • Buff and polish all hardwood surfaces and wooden furniture to ensure that all your furnishing looks new and gorgeous.
  • Vacuum all vents
  • Deep clean carpets
  • Polish hard floors
  • Dust and clean your ceiling. Be sure to remove all the cobwebs
  • Clean all glass windows, inside and out
  • Check, organize, and declutter wardrobes and drawers
  • Get all the fans cleaned and maintained
  • Clean all switchboards with disinfectant spray and microfiber cloth. You don’t want them to turn yellow.
Best Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Services by Kohl Building Maintenance

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, a clean and hygienic office space signifies professionalism. It also lets potential clients know that you care about your employees and your brand. If you need help with any office cleaning services in Southern California, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Kohl Building Maintenance, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to help. Whether you are in charge of a small office or a multi-story building, we strive to provide a cost-effective maintenance plan that aligns with your unique requirements and financial objectives.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services and solutions for corporate offices of any scope–including janitorial services, window cleaning, green cleaning and supplies, complete floor care, construction clean-up, carpet cleaning, power washing, and building maintenance.

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