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Has Your Business Been Disinfected and Winterized Yet?

The temperatures are dropping as old man winter approaches. Cold weather means it is time to get your business disinfected and winterized, and there is no better way than to hire a company of professional cleaning expertise. Getting your business and offices deep cleaned and sanitized now will slow down, even eliminate some of those germs that come with colds, the flu, and viruses. After the way things have been going in 2020, is it worth not being cautious?

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A professional cleaning company that has upgraded its services with extra training on deep cleaning and sanitizing can keep your employees, clients, and visitors happy and healthy this winter and year-round. Here we have a list of some of the things you should have done before switching that thermostat from air conditioning to heating.

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List of things to Clean and Disinfect

Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning services

Shared Spaces: Disinfect and Sanitize

Employees may have their desk or workstation, but they also share many areas every day, sometimes without realizing it. Between now and March especially, and all year long is recommended to have shared surfaces disinfected daily like keyboards, telephones, doorknobs, break rooms and restrooms, even light switches, and vending machines. Keep the materials supplies in handy locations where employees can clean up as they utilize these surfaces in addition to a professional cleaning service daily at the end of the business day.

Carpeting: Banish Germs with a Deep Cleaning

Carpet is like a sponge when it comes to bacteria and germs. Even with daily vacuuming, those germs have already been absorbed deep into the fibers. After each rain and after that first snowfall, employees, clients, and visitors will track ice, rain, and snow. The cat litter, salt, or sand you put apply for safety on the steps gets tracked inside the building. Not only are the floors going to start looking dingy and dirty, but there are also bacteria and germs coming in and making a home in those carpet fibers too.

A part of keeping your business clean and healthy this winter is keeping the floors cleaned daily, and one additional step: Have the carpeting deep cleaned before that first snowfall, then once every 30 days through March.

HVAC System: Clean and Service Now and Monthly

All summer long, your HVAC system has been sucking in bacteria, dander, dust, and germs that are now inside the air ducts and the HVAC system. When winter arrives, your employees will be inside more, clients and visitors will be bringing in germs that irritate allergies, and colds, flu, and other viruses too.

Have your HVAC system and the air ducts cleaned now to get the summer bacteria cleaned out, and once a month between now and March, have that service repeated to keep the bacteria and germs of winter at bay.

Window Cleaning: Cheerful and Healthy

Have the windows cleaned inside and out now, then repeat the service monthly through the winter. Clean windows can do a lot for your employees’ mental health because of the sunshine. Even on cold, cloudy, grey winter days, seeing outside is mentally healthy.

It will also help physical health by cleaning the bacteria and germs that accumulate on windows every time we breathe, cough, laugh, talk, or sneeze. A professional cleaning service is trained and equipped with the proper materials and products to clean the windows, blinds, and windowsills.

Slip and Fall: Preventive Solutions

When the ice and snowmelt, it becomes a hazard outside and inside. With preventive measures now, you can eliminate those accidents. In areas covered in snow, schedule routine ice and snow removal service to clear parking lots, pathways, sidewalks, and entrances daily. Establish a protocol for spreading salt or sand on icy areas around the exterior. Inside each doorway where employees, clients, visitors, and deliveries enter, place non-slip mats. Schedule regular professional janitorial services from now until March that can maintain hazard-free areas.

Ice Salt and Sand Removal: Daily on the Inside

While the salt and sand help melt the ice and sand keeps outside surfaces from slippery, they make a mess inside and damage inside flooring. A professional cleaning surface has the training and equipment to clean these messes tracked in by shoes and rolling bags, saving your carpet and flooring.

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