Top 5 Essential Commercial Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Office for the Winter

Five Essential Commercial Cleaning Tips

It’s almost time for winter. Sledding, building a snowman, hot chocolate… Oh! And don’t forget about winter cleaning! Wintertime can really dirty the office. From dirty floors to poor air quality and dirty windows, cold weather presents unique cleaning difficulties.

Remember, your office is your second home! Just as you prepare your home for the winter, there are some things that both managers and business owners should consider doing to prepare for the colder winter months ahead. When old man winter appears, make sure you prepare your office with these top 5 cleaning tips:

Table of Contents:

1. Maintain Air Quality

Maintaining indoor air quality in the office is challenging during winter. Unlike other seasons, everyone spends more time indoors during wintertime. While the easiest way to maintain indoor air quality is by opening the windows, that isn’t an option during the winter season because the outdoor air is cold.

Poor ventilation and a crowded indoor setting where everyone is breathing the same air make the office a hotbed for spreading the flu and other germs and pathogens such as the CoronaVirus.

Some of the steps that you could take to keep the air in the office clean include:

  • Encouraging your employees to wash their hands
  • Placing cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer near each workspace
  • Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance
  • Getting rid of dust, pollen, and allergens by deep cleaning carpets and couches
  • Daily wiping down of door handles, computer keyboards, office supplies, and work surfaces
  • Reminding employees to stay home when they are sick to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses

2. Regularly Clean Your Windows

Neglecting the windows is one of the biggest mistakes an office can make during the winter period. Grimy windows don’t let in as much sunlight, which results in a gloomier atmosphere in the office. And that’s not all.

Did you know that exposure to sunlight through the windows increases the quality of life of your employees? Sure, the sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D, but that’s not all; it has even more benefits.

For starters, exposure to the sun is critical for staff members who may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a kind of depression usually triggered with the seasons, often recurring in the winter. Exposure to sunlight also helps regulate the employees’ circadian rhythm, which leads to more productivity as they have better-adjusted sleep cycles and are less prone to mood swings.

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3. Keep Your Entryway Clean and Safe

While the winter months in California are still frequently sunny and pleasant, there is a significant increase in rainfall in the winter months.

If your employees get to come to work on a rainy day, they’ll be stomping off water and dirt on the entryway. The benefit of this is the office floor remains clean. However, it makes for a slippery entrance, which poses a hazard to your employees and customers.

To avert this risk, consider investing in heavy-duty rugs for all the entrances and exits in your office. Be sure to buy several extra rugs so that you can keep them on a set rotation. While one mat soaks up all the water and mud, there’s a second clean one waiting to substitute.

4. Use Green Cleaning Methods

To many people, green cleaning products and processes refer to cleaning methods and procedures you implement to help reduce air and water pollution to minimize your impact on climate change. But did you know that eco-friendly cleaning products also preserve human health?

With your employees spending more time indoors, you need to prioritize their health and wellbeing by ensuring that your commercial cleaning company’s products and processes are eco-friendly. Harsh cleaning chemicals that contain volatile organic compounds affect indoor air quality, leading to respiratory issues, headaches, and an overall increase in sick days.

But are green cleaning products as effective?
Yes! Green cleaning products and processes have proven to tackle various cleaning chores as effectively as traditional cleaning products.

How about the cost?
Green cleaning products don’t have to be more expensive. You can even create your cleaning product from vinegar and baking soda.

5. Clean the Floors

Floors are probably the areas of the office that require the most attention in the form of frequent cleaning and regular maintenance during wintertime.

Even if you invest in high-quality floor mats and religiously clean the sidewalks, water, mud, and sand will still make it indoors to your carpets and wood floors. Our cleaning experts will mop your hard floors and vacuum your floors and carpets daily, but to prevent scratching and damage, you’ll need to put in some extra effort. Ensure that your hard floors get buffed or sanded regularly, as dirt can scratch your floors.

Essential Commercial Cleaning Tips

Celebrate Winter with a Great Office Clean

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