Why KohlBM rated as the best Window Cleaners in Los Angeles, CA

For us at Kohl Building Maintenance, window cleaning is not merely sweeping windows. It is a job that requires highly professional skills and serious focus. We have been providing window cleaning and washing services for several years and have a team that adds passion into their work to provide the best window cleaning services Los Angeles, CA. Our team of experts has all the special equipment and will clean every window spotless, no matter how large or how small the building or house is.

10 reasons why our window cleaning services are the best in Los Angeles

1. Reputation as the Best Window cleaner

Due to our excellence in the Los Angeles window cleaning, we have maintained a well-built reputation throughout the years and are known all over Los Angeles. All workers in this company are professional and understand their tasks completely. The work done by the experts is active and precise to ensure a clean working environment for their clients.

2. Years of Experience in LA

At Kohl Building Maintenance, we have a vast experience in the janitorial and cleaning services and have maintained our image to have precision in every work we do. With our unique methods, we differentiate ourselves from the rest and makes cleaning the best. Kohl Building Maintenance was established in 1974, giving us almost a 45-year experience.

Window Cleaners in Los Angeles, CA

3. Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Kohl Building Maintenance is rated as the best residential window cleaners by Los Angeles residents. Our well-established company in LA has worked for many clients that are fully satisfied with our commercial window cleaning services including offices, Government buildings, industries, schools, retail, and hospitals. The company also keeps high maintenance for everything and long-lasting programs with its clients. Our services includes:

  • Streak Free Windows
    The special equipment and tools will leave your windows spotless and streak free. They will appear to look as good as new, leaving the client satisfied and happy with the work.
  • Long Lasting Results
    The materials and equipment will not only clean but will also prove to be an effective cleaning choice that will show a long lasting result. Your glass windows will not have any scratches and will be clean and bright for a long time.
  • Preventing Permanent Damage
    Kohl Building Maintenance has a well-established policy that ensures the safety of its customers with licensed and surety bonds. We also have an insurance policy for any damage caused by the workers. The team at Kohl Building Maintenance is careful at doing a precise job. We expect fewer complaints from our clients and want them in a satisfied state.
  • Inside and Outside Cleaning
    Unlike other janitorial services provider in LA who fail to clean the outside windows which is time intensive and often difficult to do, Kohl Building Maintenance thoroughly clean windows inside and outside ensuring clean and sparkling windows. You can easily order an inside and outside cleaning service from us at Kohl Building Maintenance.

4. Pro Window Washing

If you want your windows to be super clean, you can get the window washing instead of simple window sweeping which is next level window perfection. We use professional window pressure washing services with advanced techniques using pure and demineralized water just to keep the environment clean.

5. Easy and Affordable cleaning

The whole procedure becomes easier and less costly when you hire Kohl Building Maintenance professional window cleaning services as you will see the difference and find your huge amount of money get saved on cleaning supplies and other things. The prices charged from clients are reasonable, special offers and packages are also offered. This is probably one of the best reasons that Kohl Building Maintenance rated the best window cleaners in Los Angeles.

6. Advanced Tools and Techniques for window cleaning

We equipped our team with the right tools and techniques to offer the Los Angeles window cleaning for the mirrors and the screens as well. Any required service can be performed by the particular crew, supplies, tools or materials to achieve the perfectly clean surface.

7. Best time for window cleaning in LA

We understand after winter when spring sets in, window cleaning can be the best time. It is comfortable for the crew, and people are ready to welcome the warm weather summer has to offer. Winter is usually the least favorite season for cleaning.

8. Fully insured

We have strict regulations for safety measures and provide fully insured policies in case of any damage or Workman Compensation. We take care of the comfort of both the client and the company.

9. Cover all types of windows

There is no restriction for cleaning types of windows ranging from sliding windows to non-removable grids, skylights and garden windows to high interior windows where ladders need to be used indoors. Contact us today or call us now at (818) 882-2600 and get any surface or window cleaned at any time.

10. All kinds of Properties we manage

Any property can be achieved for cleaning services as the Kohl Building Maintenance provides for all types of cleaning services with various tools and materials. Get cleaning anywhere including residential or commercial areas, such as:

  • Single Family Homes: Our window cleaning services offers streak free windows to mansions and big houses.
  • Multi-family units: We have covered hundreds of apartments, condos, multi units in LA with our pro window cleaning services.
  • Commercial properties: Our cleaning experts are well trained to clean windows for storefront, multi-story commercial buildings, restaurants, healthcare facilities, office buildings and ware house & many more.